The Pain of Organizing

I would love to have a little room to dedicated to my DIY projects, by little I mean about an acre wide…. two or three long. Seriously, the hardest part is access, you will be more inclined to create, if you don’t have to dig it out to find it.  I am still in collection mode, and my stash is not that great. Unfortunately I pay bills one month, and then the next month they want to be paid again. So this week I ordered a step shelf for my oils.

I found one on amazon naturally.

This acrylic shelf arrived in several pieces, luckily it only required a screwdriver. The one I ordered didn’t come with instructions, but it was easy to put together. Well, till I looked at the picture online and realized I was putting it together upside down. Yeah, had a freakout moment. So instead of taking it apart I check to see if my One ounce bottles would fit into the little indentations that was supposed to form a pocket for each step.

They didn’t.

So I decided to be a rebel and put it together wrong. Because in step mode the bottles fit just fine. I do like how I don’t have to dig through a basket anymore. So I find it worth it.


Next Step… What to do about my other stuff. I put some in a small jar for easy access, then the rest in a ziplock bag, then put them in a bucket with lid. But still, as I collect, I realize smaller is better. I will run out of room if I keep using that size jars.



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