Aromatherapy Necklace

I got me one!  I would put one of these in my amazon cart, and then I would remove it, I would then tell myself, “Next week I will get it.”

… for over a year.

So I finally ordered me one, and I am glad I did. The weather has been more hormonal than a bipolar pregnant woman as of late, so it is time for me to start dousing myself in eucalyptus oil. Well, at least I can just put it on one of the tiny felt pads that comes with the necklace. I really like that the pads come in different colors, though now I am thinking I am going to need mini ziplock bags to designate each color its own scent. But not today, it’s freezing, and I have an off day. So definitely has to be a serious matter for me to change out of my jammies and put down the coffee. But I will have some for the picture when I upload.

Eucalyptus was my introduction into essential oils I was always a fan Vick’s, and I had gone and bought me some of those Vick’s tissues and it was so good to blow my nose and breathe. I was hooked, till I started realizing how fast I used a box, and the cost would add-up. I decided to consult Google, and see if there was a cheaper alternative that I could make.

A couple of drops of Eucalyptus oil and tissues.. That was it? That was simple. And to boot, the one bottle would make loads of boxes. I then adapted the recipe below, I did it this way because every once and awhile those droplets on top would still be intense when I got them too close to my eyes, and that was not happy-time fun-land.

I cried.

And still the mentholly substance stung my eyes and face, so yeah, cotton round, on the bottom, that give it a chance to lessen some before you get to it.

Recipe Here 





Next on my Wish List…

  • A way to organize my essential oils.




Do you have an idea for one of my aromatherapy scents? Leave me a comment.


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